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Privacy Platform: Where do the Candidates Stand?

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  1. The federal government is planning to expand the use of body scanners at US airports. Privacy experts say the program is intrusive and ineffective, and should be suspended, pending further review.

    Do you SUPPORT the suspension of the airport body scanner program?
  2. The Internet provides unparalleled opportunity for the open exchange of information, but some companies and governments want to restrict free speech on the Internet.

    Do you SUPPORT an open Internet?
  3. National security advisors have proposed that the federal government mandate an Internet ID so that all on-line activity could be logged and analyzed.

    Do you OPPOSE a federally mandated Internet ID?
  4. Consumer groups argue that users should have privacy rights established in law, but today Internet users mostly rely on privacy policies and terms of services to protect their privacy.

    Do you SUPPORT online privacy rights for consumers?
  5. The National Security Agency is seeking authority to conduct electronic surveillance of US citizens in the United States without judicial authority.

    Do you OPPOSE expanded NSA surveillance authority?
  6. Medical records are moving online, but patient privacy rights groups say that too many uses of medical record information occur without patient knowledge and consent.

    Do you SUPPORT "opt-in" patient consent for the use of personal medical record information?
  7. Industry groups often favor laws that "preempt," or overwrite state laws; Consumer groups warn that such laws would replace strong state consumer privacy laws with weaker federal laws.

    Do you OPPOSE the preemption of state laws that protect consumers privacy rights?
  8. Internet companies are now offering services that require users to store their data on remote servers, but it is often not clear who will have access to the data or what protections will be established.

    Do you SUPPORT stronger security and privacy requirements for companies that offer cloud computing services?
  9. This year, the Supreme Court will consider whether corporations have "personal privacy" rights.

    Do you OPPOSE privacy rights for corporations?
  10. The President has failed to name the members of the Civil Liberties and Privacy Oversight Board, leaving a critical privacy agency without direction or resources.

    Do you SUPPORT the establishment of an effective Civil Liberties and Privacy Oversight Board?